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Ignorance and anger and GRRRAAAARRRGH

Sometimes the internet is a fantastic place. Take you folks, for example. You’re made of awesome and win, and I wouldn’t trade any of you. Unless said trade involved alternate dimension you, who was also a cyborg, because that’d be cool. 

Sometimes the internet is used as a forum. That’s great. If you’re talking about issues that are important, social justicey things, or trying to debate a point.

Sometimes the internet is full of anonymous trolls who hide behind their anonymity to lash out at large swaths of people for the perceived actions of a few. Not. FUCKING. COOL. 

Such was the case last night, where someone who went to the Futurecon Calendar launch party made up an anonymous twitter account, and proceeded to bash everyone she had a hate on for. I say she, because I have a pretty good idea who this is from the clues, but I could be wrong. She named and then slammed people in the geek community, rather personally making rude assumptions about their character and their significant others. 

She denounced Nerd Girl Pinups, saying they only let in a select few, and have no selection criteria. One, yes they do have criteria. Two, it’s a site with limited resources, and they’re already overtaxed with managing the profiles they have. They can’t get a lot of photoshoots done at a rapid pace for the girls already on site with their in-house photographers, as their lives are busy, as lives tend to be. Just because you haven’t had the opportunity to get on the site yet doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t. I personally know three girls who have been selected in the last year, and haven’t been able to get their photoshoots in yet. It’s scheduling. And it’s life. It’s a site that runs on practically nothing but whatever people buy in merch; it’s not a lucrative job. 

She calls the group out for “shameful high-school tactics”. GUESS WHAT I SEE HERE. She’s a bully, and hides behind her anonymity to prod at people for possible slights at herself. Here’s a thought. Instead of bitchily sniping at someone behind their back, talk directly to that person. Explain your position. Don’t cattily call someone out and say they got “knocked up on purpose” because you’re angry. Don’t make assumptions about events without hard numbers and facts. Don’t insult my best friend because she’s talented and getting what she wants out of life, finally, after fighting so hard to get it. Don’t pigeonhole every Nerd Girl Pinup because you personally don’t like two or three of them. There’s a lot of us. And most of us weren’t even at the event in question, because we’re busy. We’re all geeks and nerds. A lot of us have been bullied throughout our lives, and it’s to the point that we’re not going to take it anymore. 

If anyone has anything to say to me, personally, about my behaviour, say it to my face. Don’t hide behind the internet to snipe. I Fucking Dare You To Try And Find Out What Happens.