We are at Fan Expo in the Artist’s Alley at Booth 519!


We are at Fan Expo in the Artist’s Alley at Booth 519!

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wtf FanExpo

Every time I turn around, it’s more money. You are gouging your exhibitors. This is ridiculous. It’s getting to the point where I don’t think I can afford to be back next year because you seem to think that a $30 price increase per exhibitor ticket is acceptable, and want to charge an extra $200 for insurance that we’ve never needed before this year.

Get some brains in your operating team please, because “bigger and better” does not mean “squeeze all the money out that we can out of the people who help create the show and don’t worry about next year.” Too big to fail my ass.

My Open Letter to FanExpoHQ (re: FanExpo & Toronto ComicCon )


To put this letter into context first, on their website they were advertising tickets as follows: “Come in out of the cold and Cuddle a Cosplayer” 

Um… wut??

Despite that being VERY skeezy, and completely against everything CONsent stands for (and though they did change it to (with consent) after a little bit of outcry) - the finer points of the discussion/controversy can be read on this article here == > FanExpo “Cuddle a Cosplayer” 

Now, as a cosplayer myself I’m… offended, upset… I really don’t know. First of all you are encouraging your attendees to ‘cuddle’ us. Who knows what this entails as it is really pretty open ended and people can view ‘cuddling’ as different things. Not only are you encouraging them, you’re almost PROMISING them that they’re allowed to do so. By buying a ticket from you, you are letting them know that they are allowed to touch us. Did you email every single cosplayer to ask our permission? No of course you didn’t, that would be silly, it’s also sort of impossible. But that impossibility gives you absolutely NO right to use us in your marketing while possibly putting us at risk of some sort of sexual harassment. 

Second of all, and this one is really just silly, but you used us in your marketing ploy. What should I do? I’m a cosplayer? I bought a ticket… should I go… stand in that corner over there and cuddle myself??? If you’re planning on using the amount of cosplayers that come to your convention as a draw for the General Public… maybe you should start offering some sort of discount for cosplayers, like show up in costume get $5 off. 

While my second point is really just silly, over all you are treating us less than what we are. Yes we’re cosplayers, but we’re still human beings. By opening the door you have you have opened the door to so many potential problems, that of course you will never have to deal with, because you aren’t the underaged girl walking around in a pokemon costume about to be groped by an adult male who thinks she’s cute, but hey that’s okay right? FanExpo HQ said they could ‘cuddle’ a cosplayer, that’s what it said when they bought their ticket… try telling that to every young cosplayer male and female who will quit the hobby or be emotionally scarred because of conventions like you opening that door for creepers to creep and make it ok because you let them pay for that ‘right’. 

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The Metro Toronto Convention Centre just sent me a feedback survey regarding Fan Expo and how things were run this year. They’re gonna get an EARFUL.

I highly encourage anyone in the retailers or small press sections who get surveys to fill them out, and let them know exactly what they’re doing wrong. It’s the only way some of this garbage is going to change. With these surveys, and the new owners of Hobbystar showing they are receptive to suggestions, things can actually change.

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Clarification to the Hobbystar post

My paper focuses on how Hobbystar runs the convention as a business, and how it’s business practices can positively or negatively affect the experiences of the attendees, guests, and vendors. I’m examining their pricing, how they handle conflict, their code of conduct and adherence, management structure and responsibilities, and various other problems that arose over the last ten years.

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Hey FanExpo/ Hobbystar attendees! (Or former attendees)

I’m writing a paper about the business management and ethics of Hobbystar for the various conventions they run. If you’ve got a story, I would like to hear it. Drop me an ask! The paper is due soon, and I’m likely missing points to get a larger picture.


Is anyone else kind of uncomfortable with this? I was planning on sitting out fan expo this year anyway, since they’re asking an utterly ridiculous $130 for the convention this year. But this is doing nothing to convince me to go, in fact if this becomes a regular feature, I may just steer clear forever. In my experience, sports fans tend to be really rude, even cruel to comic book/science fiction/etc fans. I don’t think putting them together is going to end well.

I’m writing an essay for my arts management course on the business (mis)management practices of Hobbystar. It’s rather unbelievable what they’ve gotten away with in the last eight years. The corporate structure relies on the material labour of fans, and treats everything as a commodity. I’ve seen many sides to this company, from the position of attendee, to artist, to knowing the guest perspective through authors and other friends who were guests. There is a tiered system of guest relations, and if you’re not on the top tier, expect nothing from guest relations besides a curt look. Add to this the sheer volume of people with stories of harassment from staff, including harassing emails and name-calling from James Armstrong and issues with Aman Gupta (who has “left the company” under undisclosed circumstances), and it adds to fishy ethics.

Did you know, in 2009, the price of a three-day weekend ticket was $49? In 2010, three days cost $59 and saw people locked out while they sold more day passes; 2011 saw $79. In 2012 four days was $95, and only looks to increase over $100 this year. In four years, the ticket prices have doubled. Add to this the increased number of guests, for which people will shell out $20-40 on average for an autograph, unless they’re special ticketed events, for which expect to pay over $100 easily. From a business standpoint, despite the number of people coming in the door, in this financial climate, this means that fans will have less to spend in the Dealers Room, which is the only other feature of Fan Expo besides the guests. This also means that those who paid for booths (which have increased in fees an average of $20 every year for the last five years) may not get the chance to make up their booth costs because people are reluctant to spend when they have already spent enough getting in.

I had already pre-paid last year for this year’s booth, and I’d lose that money if I didn’t go. My partner and I are going to look very carefully at every aspect of what happens this year before deciding to return at all. We’re leaning toward “probably not.” Right now, this business is my only source of income, so I have to be smart about it. I despise what is happening to this convention, moreso after digging into its history.

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Fan Expo day 4

First of all, the Gordon Rose drinking game is far worse when he knows about it, and goes out of his way to say “I love my job” five times in rapid succession. By the end of the Masquerade (verdict: meh), I was rather drunk. Still sad I couldn’t get out to see fun people; such is the way with busy conventions and commitments flipping everywhere at the same time. :(

On the business end of things, HOLY CRAP. Most successful con ever for me, by a great deal. Back again next year, hopefully with more help and free time. I’ll need it for what I’m planning. If anyone is looking for something cool to be etched in glass, I’m your girl.

The bronies were out in force this weekend. Emmy and her group were pony-fabulous, and I loved the chance to get photos with them as Rarity. Best thing: “Oh look! A bird! I want to eat it!!!” Oh Pinkie Pie, you so crazy.

Finally, to the Torontostuck people: you are awesome. Seriously. This has got to be one of the friendliest and most fun fandoms out there, and I love being a part of it. I can’t believe how welcoming you all are. To boot, we call each other on our bullshit, which keeps things a bit more honest, too. Let’s keep that up, guys. Two wise prophets had some advice I think is apropos: Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes.

Fan Expo Photopost 2


I need to find a way to send this to Christian

What is the plural of Snowman, because we have two. Now I’m extra sad I didn’t do Slick, because TWO. Look at how class Maddy and Elemental are.

Yep. Aaaaaaaall class.

This sort of thing got left all over the place, and at our table, sparked a singalong to Regina Spektor’s “Blue Lips”.

It was of course left by this gorgeous lady- Sage as 50’sstuck Mindfang.

Hey Mister Headstrong, all that swag just can’t contain itself.

We all look wonderful. This was a fun evening.